Meet Sara Wieclaw coming to ISM 09.15 – internship Church of the Living God -India

Hello, my name is Sara Wieclaw and I will be joining ISM in September 2015.
I am 23 years old. Although currently I live in London, Canada, I was born and raised in Poland. I was privileged to be born into a loving God-fearing family, but growing up as a Pastor’s kid unfortunately had its drawbacks. Having all eyes on me I often worried about pleasing everybody around me. Since everybody expects Pastors’ kids to be perfect, I constantly felt pressured to be something, to do something, and to believe something. Being immersed into Christian culture all my life and receiving Christ at an early age, I not only thought that I was a good person and took my salvation for granted, but sometimes I even had doubts about the very existence of God. Growing up around Jesus-related teaching, literature, and events all the time made Him seem mundane, like a simple character in an overtold story. I felt a void in my heart that I tried to fill with other things but God did not give up on me. He saw that deep down inside of me I yearned for Him. God is a jealous God and He ended up taking away everything that took my eyes off of Him. It was a painful experience but it brought me to my knees in a complete surrender and made me seek Him wholeheartedly. In my brokenness He found me and pieced me back together. That’s when Jesus became real to me. He became my rock, my strength my everything. As my university life came to an end I found myself lacking direction and started to wonder what’s next. I had few ideas of my own in mind but nothing followed through. Then God stepped in and answered my prayers by opening the doors for this wonderful adventure with Impact School of Mission. This will be my very first mission trip and words cannot describe how excited I am to see what God has in store for me through this experience. Like the rest of the students, I will be doing my four week training in Bangkok, Thailand and after that I will be interning in the Living God Church in Chennai, India. There, I will be involved in evangelism and outreach, preaching and teaching, children’s and youth ministry, as well as administration tasks and slum ministry. I pray and hope that this experience will not only deepen my faith but also transform me and prepare me for His future plans for my life.

The Dad with the Bad Kids

  • Sarahr

    Well my third and final internship is coming to a close. And although I am stoked out of my mind to go home and see my family and all my pals, I am very sad to leave this one. I was sad to leave all of them. But for some reason, my time in India feels unfinished. I will make no promises of returning, because it’s not my place to know the future. But something has stirred within me, a fire that won’t be put out so easily. Whatever I end up doing with my life, I can never again feign ignorance for the lack of proactive action fighting for social justice in our world. That was a mouthful, basically what I mean is that I cannot pretend that I have not learned what I have learned here. You can’t ignore a bullet that hit you right in the heart. Maybe I can only make a lasting difference in the lives of a few street kids. But that would be so worth it. To give a few kids a chance in life that should be their human right. I certainly can’t save the world, but I can do my part. If I backed away now it would certainly be a greater wrong than if I had remained in my bubble of ignorance.

    Don’t freak out those who love me that are reading this. I’m still getting on that plane tomorrow. I’m actually planning on going back to school for a couple of years if all goes well so I’ll be living in Canada for a few years yet. And social justice also needs to be fought for on Canadian soil.

    What I am really trying to communicate is that I have learned so much from my time at ISM. During this last internship I was sick so often that it just became a joke. But I have encountered a part of God that I had only glimpsed before. I have known God as the sovereign creator, and God as my closest friend for almost my whole life. But now I also know God as the dad that fights for every one of his kids, who has made bigger sacrifices and has shown more grace than any earthly father even has the capacity to give. Who is reaching out to even the most rebellious of souls, always.

    This has been a very important 7 months in my life. I can feel the weight of it. My faith has solidified on a solid rock where it was pretty shaky before.

    So here’s to the God that chooses to be our dad, even when we’re the worst kids ever.

    For Narnia! And for Aslan! (Just thought I’d throw that in there)

  • Sarah Ricker – ISM 09.14

Creative Life Foundation is now in partnership with ISM! Interns wanted!

Creative Life Foundation is looking for ISM interns.


Purpose: Creative Life’s mission is to respond to the poor, marginalized and displaced people of Thailand with holistic educational, therapeutic and creative projects to address their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual needs. They do this through the creation and management of: Creative Life Education projects, Soul, MINAS, Palanjia and Re- store.

Internship Details

Creative Life Foundation is located in the heart of Bangkok.  There are many options in this ministry for intern to use their education and skill sets.  Possible Activities: (please note that the details of your daily schedule may vary depend- ing on current ministry needs): Depending on your skills and talents, you may help with teaching refugee children, Minas (pesto and peanut butter making and sales), Soul art therapy and counselling (if qualified), urban gardening, and a variety of other activities

Hours (please note this may vary depending on ministry needs): Mon-Fri 09:00-16:00, possible evening and night teaching to children in a red light area, possible evening and weekend activities.

Street Outreach establishes and deepens relationships with families who beg on the street mainly in the notorious red-light district, putting children and women at great risk for sexual exploitation. In valuing relationships we consistently visit our friends on the streets where they beg to offer encouragement, prayer and service.

To apply please go to

BIG NEWS – one of our ISMers Class of 09.12 – Maria is now the Director of Marketing and Relationships at NightLight


It’s Official!!!

You are looking at NightLight Design’s new “Director of Business and Relationships” for their North American region! … almost.

What does that mean? It means that if we raise full funding for this brand new position by July 1st, I will be responsible for directing the business strategy and managing key stakeholder partnerships for NightLight’s social enterprise, NightLight Design, throughout their North American region. We believe the creation of this position will greatly enhance the long-term sustainability of this business, and therefore increase NightLight’s ability to impact the sex trade community in Bangkok.

In March’s newsletter, I will include the complete breakdown on this new position and the business plan we have been working hard to develop! 

In April, I will let you in on the biggest lessons I’ve learned since returning from Thailand… deep stuff. 

Thank you so much for your compassionate hearts towards the women in Bangkok and for partnering with me to impact this community.

Meet Kylie Hobern – coming to ISM September 2013 – Internship – The Well

Hi my name is Kylie Hobern and I am from Ruakaka, New Zealand. 



I have however spent the past 15 years living in London, UK.  I have two brothers, two gorgeous nieces and two amazing parents who are all here in the UK with me.

I grew up in a Christian family with my Mum and Dad both having missionary parents.  My Mum was born in Egypt and my Dad in the Solomon Islands.  Growing up my Grandfather used to always tell me stories about his time in the Middle East and God’s amazing supernatural provision for him and his family.  I therefore grew up with both a desire to travel the world and to serve others.

My desire to serve others lead me into a career as a nurse and I have been blessed for many years to work as a nurse in the field of sexual health.  This experience has given me the opportunity to work with victims of sexual assault and also work alongside commercial sex workers both in the clinic setting and in the community in the brothels of London.  As a part of Hillsong Church we support the A21 campaign against human trafficking which has really educated me on the sex industry in a global context.

Six months ago a friend of mine told me that I needed to watch a documentary called ‘Furious Love’.  When watching the section on the Nightlight I felt so touched and challenged by what I saw I jumped straight on the internet to research the programme.

To serve those in the sex industry has been a desire in my heart for a long time and I am honoured to be able to intern with The Well whilst in Thailand.    I pray that this experience will stretch me and grow me but above all else I pray that this is just the beginning of the journey.  I thank God for this amazing opportunity and look forward to sharing it with you all!

God Bless