Ready to rough it? New partnership with Breakthrough Thailand! Looking for interns

Breakthrough Thailand is looking for interns.

breakthroughAre you ready to live an authentic thai style life for  few months?  Interns for this ministry need to be willing to live with very little – no air conditioning, bucket showers, sleep on the floor and perhaps live with a Thai family.

Type of Ministry:      Teen Discipleship and Holistic Community Development

Khon Kaen, Thailand

Ministry Details

Purpose: Prevention of unsafe, uninformed migration (and sexual exploitation) via residential teen discipleship and holistic community development (education, economic innovation and strengthening family units)

Mission Statement: Through community-based efforts, Breakthrough Thailand seeks to restore and transform families, education systems and economic paradigms in Thailand’s rural Isaan communities.

The Breakthrough community does this through:

  • Investment in continued education and leadership training for at-risk teens and young adults
  • Modeling and teaching healthy relationships, parenting methods and family dynamics
  • Exploration of an “alternative economics” for Isaan families including sufficiency living, creative discovery, and innovative income generation

Ministry Opportunities

Due to the location and nature of Breakthrough ministry, interns would be invited to be on site (village-based) full-time with the ministry.  Beyond that, schedules vary greatly based on the personality and gift sets of the individual.  Due to the nature of “community living,” there is constant activity and opportunity for engagement in the lives of kids, teens and adults in the community.

  • Teaching English (residential teens, guest teaching at local primary/secondary schools, staff/young adults)
  • After-school activities – sports programs, tutoring, worship/activity nights
  • “Community activities” including farming (planting/harvesting rice, sugarcane, etc)
  • Economic development projects including weaving, metal-working, sewing, etc

Skills they prefer:

  • Specifically helpful skills:  Business savvy, counseling skills/resources, agricultural skills, plumbing/carpentry, design (sewing/jewelry), youth workers (i.e. YoungLife or other teaching/leading/mentoring experience), teachers
  • In general:  Gregarious personalities willing to be boldly interested in learning about culture, people, systems (economic, social, familial).  We are looking for internally motivated individuals with inquisitive spirits to learn about a complex set of challenges and help provide (and initiate) creative solutions.

Sound awesome?  Apply here!