Look what Jesus is doing in the lives of ISM students!

This terms internships are almost at an end…. But God’s work is just beginning!

The month of April sees all of our ISM interns returning home to their families, jobs, and dreams, but they are returning home changed. Here are some of their final reflections…

Maria Gambone de Jesus

The last seven months were beyond description challenging. But looking back, I am so thankful for the time ISM took to prepare me before my internship began. The things I learned there and the mentorship I received were absolutely key to my success in my position at NightLight. ISM multiplied my growth in maturity of faith and character during that time. The growth in knowledge, character and faith I gained from my time at ISM has impacted my actions and thoughts in daily life, and the way I look at my life and purpose. I find myself applying the one month of ISM classes into my daily life more than I do even my four years of classes at university.


Tim Wharton

Attending Impact School of Missions was a great experience where I learned more than I ever expected to. I went in with the mindset that it would prepare me for my up coming internship which it did but in a more impact full way it opened me up to the world of missions as a whole. I learned a lot about what missions means, what opportunities and type of missions work are out there and what some of the needs are. I was challenged to think about if the missions life was for me and how missions fit into God’s plan for my life. This is definitely a great place if you think missions is for you or might be for you. I was also challenged to look closer at what my faith meant to me and saw growth in myself as the month progressed. For two and a half months I interned at Abundant Love in Ban Mai Sawan, Thailand. Working at the children’s home was a great opportunity, spending time with the children was great, along with building great relationships with the staff. The language barrier has been an interesting challenge but has also made for great fun. Even with the language barrier you can still be a great help and blessing to those around you; it just might not be how you expect it. My experiences at ISM and Ban Mai Sawan are something I will never forget and have changed my life forever.

chrisChris Lowe

I came to ISM in hope of getting a better understanding of what missions will look like in my future. I came knowing fully that I am going to be entering long term missions work at some point in my future. I came to ISM as part of education at Vanguard College. That hope that I had to better identify my role in missions was met with an answer. The teaching and relationship model that I worked with at The Centre in Chiang Mai, Thailand, matches with my missionolgy in every way. Also I have learned a lot about my self and my passion for this lost world has grown a great amount. I will leave Thailand with my questions answered and a better understanding of myself, mission, and of God.

kellyKelly Braun

I never could’ve imagined that God would do so much in my life through one step of faith. ISM has turned my world upside down. I am so grateful for everything this program is. Every challenge, every new experience, every adventure, has caused me to grow into a very different person than I was when I first stepped on that plane. I am thankful to have had an a experience that is more authentic to missionary life, and I praise God for every difficult and stretching situation He put me into. His kindness is HUGE- He is shown me how He loves the unlovable, wants to give us the smallest desires of our hearts, and more than ever, how HE is the answer to every hurt in this world. ISM provided me with such valuable training for the missions world and for entering a different culture. My internship placement was so perfect for me, and is now a place I can call a second home. Praise God for all that He has done in me, and through me. He is amazing. “I bless the holy name of God with all my heart. Yes, I will bless the Lord and not forget the glorious things He does for me.” Psalm 103:1-2

Bethany Nickel

My experience at ISM has been nothing short of phenomenal. It’s brought me a whole new perspective on missions; long and short term. The classes provided me with so much great information that has not only been so helpful throughout my internship, but is also something that I can take home with me and apply to my every day life. These few months have stretched me in the craziest ways and has forced me to grow immensely in my relationship with our creator. Go ISM! Whoo-hoo

tanyaTanya Land

I wish the English language had words to describe the greatness of Impact School of Missions. It is so obvious that Sandra McIntosh and the ISM staff are continuously listening to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. The staff at ISM are empowering, inspirational, and full of wisdom. Everything I learnt in class at ISM helped me excel in my internship and thereby equipping me for a life of ministry and faithfulness to Christ. The 4-weeks went by so fast, during which I made lasting Christ-centred friendships. Impact School of Missions is life-changing and I STRONGLY encourage students to ‘GO’!

Unicorns are in Fairy Tales

Growing up I was taught that only some very special, super spiritual people were “called” to the mission field.   Not only were they special, the “call” was even more special.  All the missionaries I heard speak either said, or I imagined them saying, that they heard God’s audible voice.  I imagined that voice was very similar to Morgan Freeman’s.  The voice connected with the very special call would boom, usually in the middle of the night – “GO to Africa” – and oh yes, it was always to Africa.  Others I imagined had a vision of a large God hand that reached out of the sky and pointed to a continent or country. Yes, Africa again.  I would either listen, on the edge of my seat, to incredible stories of trekking in strange and exotic lands and eating barbequed mice on a stick or ask my mom if I could go to the washroom for the third time, depending on the presenter.

Go to Africa

As a young woman I thought missionaries were strange creatures and if their words didn’t confirm this to me their clothing did. I remember watching endless slides of sad, dirty children with flies on their mouths, and, after hearing the presentations, I usually thought, “I don’t ever want to be a missionary and/or I could never be like them.”  My memories may be slightly blurred by my preconceived ideas of what I thought it meant to be a missionary.

Surprisingly however, I’ve met a lot of people who have the same preconceived ideas about missionaries.  Many people think you need to be super spiritual and have a supernatural call before you go overseas.  But, for most people, that may never happen.  Kind of like saving enough money before you get married, only less likely.  If you believe the idea that missionaries aren’t just like you,  you put them into an elite category, which results in you never entertaining the idea that YOU were called to go.  Waiting until you are ‘amazing’ before you go will keep you exactly where you are right now. Very special and super spiritual people, along with very special calls, are more mythical than real.  Unicornish. People are people.  Missionaries are people.  People make mistakes, sin fairly regularly, let others down,  struggle with pride – just like you probably do.  We all can be wowed by a great talent and the charisma of someone telling a story, but the true character of a man/women is not found in their words, but in the way they live.  Yes, some missionaries may yell at their friends and family, eat too much, lie from time to time and even might have wrong motives.  They can also be beautiful, kind, compassionate, grace filled and inspirational.   The point is, they are people.  You are people.  God loves and uses people. You don’t need a special call or be of a special spiritual status in order to do what Jesus said.  Instead of praying about whether or not you should go,  you might want to pray about whether or not you should stay. Yes, supernatural calls do happen,  but generally just reading Jesus words, “Go and make disciples” Matt 28:19, should be enough.  “Go and make disciples” is the supernatural call, isn’t it?   Does He really need to say more?