Read what ISM #0916 students are saying about their training month!

This has been such a great experience. The help to transition and physically equip us with phones, budgets, transportation etc. has been great; in addition to the emotional support and spiritual lessons on growth as we are adjusting to this entirely new environment. Whenever you go abroad, whether to travel, work, intern or do missions, you take a risk. You never know – you could end up with a bunch of crazies! (like me). However, this risk was beautiful. I grew, learned multitudes, and met people from all corners of the earth, who are now my friends. ISM has taught from a very grounded and Biblically sound standpoint, infused with the wonderful power and awe that Jesus evokes. I also appreciate the fact that ISM stays in touch as we delve into our internships, and the fact that we are able to use our gifts and passions in unique places within our respective mission internships is what initially drew me to ISM!  Truly, thank you for everything! It has been so good.                                                                                 Joybelle Barlow

There’s a much needed training period and there’s a support system in place. I had never travelled abroad alone before, so I knew nothing about visas or budgets, so having someone to help with all of that was vital!!  Thanks for loving us and helping us through this journey. It has been amazing.                                                                                                                                                                                 Kaitlin Hicks   

I believed God was going to reveal Himself to me in a new way, but this was WAY MORE than expected! This is the most challenging thing I’ve done, and I realize it was because the Lord was really wanting me to release those things that He wasn’t Lord over. There was no more hiding or being comfortable. I can just shout!! I also realized I wasn’t myself this whole month and I’ve realized why – THIS WAS JUST FOR ME!! I enjoyed this selfish, refreshing, beautiful time.                                                            Mandi Suarez                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

My expectations of the schooling were exceeded. I had low expectations for it because I don’t enjoy classrooms, but the subjects we studied were very captivating for me. The focus here was more on how to LIVE a Godly life, not just about people who lived Godly lives. I am happy to have taken so much more out of this in-class experience than I had expected.  I would recommend ISM to anyone who has a passion to grow in their faith and who is willing to be stretched and be uncomfortable – not that this experience has MADE me uncomfortable, but the reason I enjoyed it so much was that I CHOSE to be uncomfortable and that’s what made these four weeks so enjoyable.                                                      Blake Langbroek                                                                                                                             

 I definitely will be recommending people to ISM. It helps us as missionaries to gain knowledge and integrate into a whole different culture. It has helped me tremendously in my personal growth. I would recommend people to come with a heart of expectancy to seek God.  Thank you for journeying with us step by step – and we have now come so far and will continue to be greater. Greater together. The togetherness of this team and the core staff has been amazing. It makes me feel like I have had a glimpse of the Acts church in the Bible. Thank you.                                    Shirley Chee

My expectations for ISM were very different from what I got. This is a good thing because I had such an evangelist mentality; and ISM taught me how to be a learner, how to be patient and how to strategize. It also caused a lot of personal growth I didn’t know I needed.                                                                                                                 Nico Suarez