Meet Chloe Bissett, coming to ISM SEA September, 2017, interning at Place of Grace

Chloe Bissett_8172

Chloe is a student from Northamptonshire, England. She comes from a small, close knit Christian family who enjoy spending time together and travelling. Having just left high school, Chloe is currently enjoying a gap year. After this year, Chloe plans to return to a university in the United Kingdom to study International Relations with a minor in International Development. After university, she prays that she will be blessed with a successful career working for an organization such as the United Nations.

Chloe will be interning for nine months with the Place of Grace Ministries. In this time, she will be working with vulnerable children and teenagers who come from the local Mahatthai slum communities, helping to provide the children with a safe space to learn and grow, showing them the love of God in a largely Buddhist country. As well as this, Chloe will be helping with the food bank that helps feed those in need in the local slum communities.

Prayer requests – Could people please pray for the safety and wellbeing of the children in the slum communities


Meet Jenna Forstrom, coming to ISM SEA September 2017, internship Daughters of Cambodia

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Ministry Location: Daughters of Cambodia, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Ministry Focus: Originally from the East Coast, Jenna Forstrom, grew up in the Pacific Northwest (USA) and spent most of her time outdoors.  She has been serving the homeless community in Portland, Oregon for the past five years and is looking forward to transferring those skills to serve men and women getting out of sex trafficking in Cambodia.  In 2014, she traveled to Cambodia with her parents on holiday and God has been calling her back ever since.  Joining her will be her pitbull mix, Bullet (5) and loves licking beards, watching out the front window and ignoring people who seem really interested in petting him.

Prayer Request: Guidance moving to Cambodia.

Meet Alychia Corcoran, coming to ISM September 2017, Internship Lao Vida

Ministry location: Lao Vida, LaosCopy of IMG_2313

Ministry Focus: Alychia will be teaching English at Lao Vida, an evangelistic organization in Laos. Through her teaching she will have the opportunity to experience the local culture and community allowing her to expand her perspective. Alychia will be able to share the word of Christ and spread His love in her classes and beyond the walls of Lao Vida. As a gap year student Alychia will be interacting and sharing many meals with local vocational school students, thus expanding the opportunity to carry His presence. Alychia will also be a part of the local church and the youth group, and she will be blessed with seeing how believers practice their faith in Laos. With these incredible opportunities Alychia plans on fulfilling her and God’s desire to share His word and through various ministries, bringing more people to His Kingdom.

Ministry History: Alychia has been on a couple short term missions trips; one to El Salvador in 2014 and another in India in 2016. In El Salvador Alychia was 15 years old and hit several spiritual milestones there; opening her eyes to her throbbing heart for missions. El Salvador was full of lots of singing and dancing along with some playing for ministry, she also went door to door and prayed for people’s needs after giving them a hand with whatever within their home. On the last day in El Salvador Alychia made a commitment to God promising that she would serve Him by any costs in a large prayer between locals and other missionaries. Later on the chance to go to India was brought to her attention. With the love of missions deep in her heart she went to India but was seriously shaken there. The ministry in India was much more low-key than El Salvador. She helped with a feeding program and she also worked with women in sex trafficking. Alychia experienced the extremities of spirituality in India; affirming her desire to take herself and missions work a step further.

ISM is going global in 2017

PAOC International Missions is excited to announce the launch of Impact School of Missions (ISM) Global, a student internship training program designed to prepare students for cross-cultural ministry work in Southeast Asia, Eurasia and Latin America.

Beginning in 2017, the two new training locations of Slovakia (Eurasia) and the Dominican Republic (Latin America) will expand to welcome students from North America who will receive four weeks of hands-on-learning to explore, engage and serve in a new culture, in addition to their established Southeast Asia location.

Information about applications, internships, fees, recommended reading and training are available online at

After completing the four week in-class session, students will embark on their internships.  Each region has many internship opportunities. Their ministries range from helping victims of human trafficking, children’s homes, campus ministry, church planting, poverty alleviation, slum ministry, teaching English, and business as mission, Pastoral/church ministry involvement, humanitarian work, youth/young adult work, administration, teaching/training programs, health awareness, construction/work projects, Bible Colleges, refugee ministry and youth ministry.



Eurasia is one of the most diverse, innovative and complicated regions in the world. We span two continents, multiple cultures and languages. Our region is the birthplace of modern Christianity and humanism. It has fervently religious nations and those that are completely secular. The Church used to hold complete sway in all areas of life but it’s not a forgotten memory or a relic of the past. The need for a vibrant gospel witness has never been greater, especially in light of serious issues like human trafficking, refugees, terrorism, addiction and depression that are spreading throughout the region.

We are excited to be launching ISM Eurasia as way to empower and release innovative, gracious and courageous people into mission. The need has never been greater nor have the challenges been stronger in Eurasia than they are today. While we aren’t your typical mission field, we know that the issues in Eurasia don’t need a typical response or standard solution. We are looking for the next wave of creative missional thinkers and doers to join us for a catalytic time of soulful preparation and practical missional internships at ISM Eurasia.

-Sheldon and Anna Armitage, ISM Eurasia Directors in Slovakia.



ISM Eurasia with refugees.



What a privilege it is to play a part in investing in the lives of young people who have a heart for missions, preparing and sending them out into different nations of the Latin America (LAC) region. ISM LAC will be located in the heart of the Caribbean, and from there, ISM interns will be sent across the LAC region to serve and work alongside our missionaries. The missionaries throughout the region are excited to see this program implemented, and looking forward to having ISM interns serve alongside them. The LAC region includes the Caribbean, South, and Central America. With such a range of cultures and countries, the needs are great, the problems and issues often seem overwhelming, and the work is often hard. The LAC region needs young people with a heart for God, a passion for the lost, and willingness to serve God in any capacity to further His Kingdom and to spread the Gospel.

-Adrian and Sharon Thomas, ISM LAC Directors in the Dominican Republic.



ISM LAC students onsite.



Impact School of Missions Southeast Asia is a Holy Spirit-led missions training school located in Bangkok, Thailand. We believe that the Holy Spirit is raising up a generation of young adults who are longing to live their lives with purpose and are willing to GO, serve, and love the people of this extensive region. ISM SEA will train, equip, and mobilize students to have an impact on the world around them.

We are excited about the increased potential for missions training with the opening of two additional Impact Schools of Missions, in Latin America and Eurasia – part of Impact School of Missions Global.

Now there are even more opportunities for young men and women to come and learn from seasoned global workers and ministry leaders; to understand what it takes to effect positive change first in themselves, and then in the world, all while experiencing everyday life in a missions context. Now even more young adults will discover their giftings and passions, offering them to God by serving with excellence in their chosen internship in one of any number of countries.
Come and be part of the generation that accomplishes the unprecedented!

-Bev and Gary Laing, ISM SEA Directors in Thailand


Meet Marissa Myers! Coming to ISM 01.17- Internship at Imagine Thailand.

Hello! I’m 18 years old from Alberta, Canada. I grew up in the church, in a Christian home and never really understood what it meant to be in relationship with God. I would pray before I went to bed, and at the table before we would eat, and went to church every Sunday, but never knew what a relationship with Him meant, or really looked like. I had witnessed people get healed, saw a woman walk up out of her wheel chair and walk across the front of the church, and still didn’t understand who God was, or what He could really do through me, and what he was all about. I went through trials that brought me to where I am now and still I am longing and searching for more of God and really wanting to see what He can do through my life to show His glory to others. I’ve had incredible encounters with God over the last few months that have pushed me to take the next step, and to take a leap of faith.
Nothing brings me more joy than being around children! Especially babies. It’s my greatest passion, most would say obsession, but I have a huge heart for children and youth. I went on a missions trip this spring to Thailand, with Imagine Thailand, and immediately fell in love with the country, the people, and the culture. While I was there the first place we went to when we got to Mae Sot, where I will be staying, was an orphanage. And my heart just broke. But not in the way that I felt sorry for the kids, but God showed me His heart and His love through these kids that we got to just love on, and have fun with for a few hours, and I knew that my heart was where God wants me to be. I have a dream of opening a school of creative arts for children, youth, and women out of human trafficking and bring them to a place of safety where they can express themselves through art, music, dance, and fashion! After the missions trip I knew I had to go back, and that I couldn’t stay away for very long because every time I thought about that missions trip I longed to go back.
I believe that returning to Thailand through ISM is the first, and one of the biggest steps of faith I can take at this point in my life in pursuing all that God has for me in my future. I cannot express how excited I am for this opportunity, and how much expectation I have for the 6 months I am there!
Ezekiel 12:15
“They will know that I am the Lord, when I disperse them among the nations and scatter them through the countries.”

Meet Blake Langbroek! Coming to ISM 09.16 – Internship in Laos.


I am 18 years old from Ontario, Canada. I’ve always grown up knowing of God, but I never had relationship with Him. In my first few years of high school, I was in a dark state of mind and couldn’t find any purpose for my life. It wasn’t until about a year ago where Jesus showed me the true love He has for me and in that moment I had felt a purpose for my life. I knew my purpose was to pursue the life that God has laid out before me, and even though sometimes I ignore his calling on my life, he has still taken me down such a beautiful path and I have been able to grow through Him more than I ever could have imagined.

It didn’t take long before I discovered a powerful gift that God has blessed me with. The power to bring others close to Him and to come to know who He is. I have had many opportunities to speak with people one on one about their relationship with Christ, and I have even had an opportunity to speak in front of different youth groups at not just my church, but churches around my region as well. This is a passion that God has put on my heart and I believe that I can use this gift every day through missions.

I am incredibly excited for this opportunity to spread God’s love in Laos. I understand that there will be struggles and barriers, but I believe that God is calling me to Laos and that He has an amazing journey laid out for me when I get there. Now, my prayer is that God working through me won’t be limited to just Laos, but far beyond that. That I will be able to bring home an incredible testimony that the Lord has placed on my life and that I will have a desire to pursue more of what He has for me.

Meet Joybelle Barlow coming to ISM 09.16 – internship, NightLight

Hello! My name is Joybelle Barlow, and I’ll be working with NightLight International in Bangkok, Thailand this fall!
About four years ago I attended a missions conference where I heard about modern day slavery for the first time. Today’s world houses more slaves now than ever before in history, and that fact alone broke me then as it does now. This brokenness has pushed me to co-lead an anti-human trafficking organization at my university for the past three years, walking the campus praying for victims, raising awareness about the magnitude of this issue, sending petitions to our local government, and fundraising in order to shed light on the darkness. With graduation approaching, I began to voice these passions with a professor, who put me in contact with an alumna who interned with NightLight, and so the journey began.
NightLight’s mission to bring hope and restoration to people negatively impacted by the sex industry stirred me. For years I have wanted to be on the field fighting in person, and have finally been given the opportunity through ISM. I graduated from the University of South Carolina this past May in International Business and Marketing, and am hoping to apply my business acumen, skills, and passions to NightLight’s mission and business. I believe the Lord places passions in each of us, and for the past few years it has been mine to fight human trafficking in whatever way possible. Isaiah 61:1 writes, “The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me, because the Lord has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners.”
I know this journey will be hard, but I truly feel it’s what I’ve been called to do — to set the captives free and bind up the brokenhearted. Thank you for walking this road with me. I’m exited to share where it takes me and the lives I come across.

Meet Mandi Delgado and Nicolas Suarez coming to ISM September 2016 – internship Noah’s Ark

My name is Mandi Delgado, and I am from Rosenberg, Texas! I attended Christ for the Nations Institute and I majored in Global Missions. Upon graduating, I was supposed to attend field school in Africa but things didn’t go as planned. Shortly after, I got engaged and 6 months later I was married! The love for the nations still dwelled within me, my husband and I began praying and seeking more about where the lord wanted us. We came across ISM and are so excited to learn and train under other missionaries. I am excited that my husband and I will be on this journey together and we’re both excited for new friendships. But more importantly to serve, learn, grow, love and be the hands and feet in Jesus.


Hello, my name is Nicolas Suarez and I’m 23 years old. I currently live in Texas with my wife. While working at a oil and gas company, I felt the lord calling me out of that and into nursing. I enjoy caring for other people and extending hope to those who are hopeless in their sickness. After getting married, my wife and I began praying about where the lord wanted to take us next. That is when we came across ISM, we’re so honored to have the opportunity to learn and serve with ISM. It now makes sense as to why God called me out of my 9-5 job to pursue a different path. I eventually want to do long- term missions across seas with nursing. We are currently the leaders of our young adults ministry at church and are so excited to take this next leap of faith in our journey.

Kayleigh Boveri reflects on her internship – ISM 01.16

These past three months I witnessed the strongest forms of evil and greatest depths of brokenness, forcing me at times to face some of the deeply rooted pains that I often times shield my eyes from in my daily life. I walked through villages whose foundations were built upon the concept of women using their bodies to construct a better home for their families, and parents being proud of those very same homes. I looked into the faces of precious children who were a direct result of their birth parents sexual encounters, solely for the purpose of fleeting pleasures and monetary gain. I was stretched and challenged in ways I did not think possible, often times reflecting on the emptiness I had allowed to creep into my own life.


But in the midst of it all I also experienced the purest forms of love. I felt it when a guarded child reached out to hold my hand for the first time gazing up at me with eyes filled with acceptance, knowing that I had gained their trust. I felt it when an eager child, exploding with excitement, sprinted up to me, showing me the beautifully crafted artwork they had just created. I felt it when an enthusiastic child clung onto me, anxiously awaiting for me to tickle them into a giggling fit.

And while it is important to remember that evil is still very prominent, it is equally important to remember that God is at work in making everything beautiful again. It is through the support from my family, friends, and God, that I was able to leave Thailand with the fullest of hearts and greatest feeling of peace and that makes my soul more content than ever before.