About ISM

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ISM is a Holy Spirit-led missions training school located in Bangkok, Thailand, and is a ministry of the PAOC. We believe that the Holy Spirit is raising up a generation of young adults who are longing to live their lives with purpose and are willing to GO, serve, and love the people of South East Asia. ISM will train, equip, and mobilize students to have an impact on the world around them.

ISM is a perfect choice for people between the ages of 17 and 30, who are either looking to fulfill a formal internship for a college or university, or who are independently looking for a venue to explore their calling to overseas missions.


The Holy Spirit has empowered us to be witnesses.
All the love, mercy, joy, and creativity of Heaven lies inside of you. You can preach the gospel and bring the Good News to the poor, and through that God can use you to release the oppressed and bring hope and healing to the people of South East Asia.

Jesus said, “Go!” We believe it’s your turn! We will give you the tools not only to proclaim with power, but to serve with compassion, love with grace, and touch the hearts and lives of the people in these nations in a practical and meaningful way.

Students are welcome from all over the world! Instructors range from PAOC missionaries and ministry leaders, to international guests and national leaders. The training session is held at the Thailand Pentecostal Seminary, so there will be Thai Bible college students on site, as well, and opportunities will be provided for the students to interact with each other.

Students will live in dorm like rooms with other ISM students. They will be in a safe and clean environment close to transportation, markets and other important locations.


If you are already attending a college and are planning to use ISM to fulfill your internship component, please note that we are happy to fill out any forms your college requires. Please make sure we are provided with all necessary information and forms well in advance of due dates.
Here are some colleges that recommend ISM for internship practicums:

Master’s College and Seminary
Summit Pacific
Vanguard College
Trinity Western
Horizon College

All colleges accepted!

After completing the in-class session, you will embark on your internship. Listed below are ministries in partnership with ISM and looking for trained students. Their ministries range from rescuing victims of human trafficking, children’s homes, campus ministry, church planting, poverty alleviation, slum ministry, teaching English, and business as mission.

On the application form, you will have the opportunity to rank your preference for the ministry you will intern at. However, there are many factors that will determine your final placement. ISM will work with you to find the opportunity that is best for everyone!

We can tailor your serving time to suit your needs, but require a minimum two month internship.

Your internship will also include weekly online mentoring by our Director. If you are in Bangkok the mentoring will be done weekly in person.


Daughters of Cambodia – Phnom Penh BAM Ministry to young women and men who are sexually exploited and victims of Human Trafficking.
Global Cafe – Phnom Penh English Teaching, discipleship, community development projects, Administration for CCP, Youth ministry, outreaches
Imagine Thailand -Myanmar & Maesot – Teaching English, Barista in Cafe
Abundant Love – Chiang Mai – Children’s Home (Hill Tribe children) loving kids, teaching English, living in community
Thai School Teaching ESL – Thailand, Chiang Mai : teach ESL to children in a local Thai school, PAID INTERNSHIP (minimal) 6 or 12 months needed.

Place of Grace – Bangkok, Thailand : slum ministry to children and youth – after school program, food bank.

Global Connections Centre – Korat,Thailand. Business as Mission, Cafe, Teaching English, buidling relationships. 3 month minimum.

The Centre – Chiang Mai – Exciting Student Campus Ministry, Teaching English

NightLight – Bangkok – Ministry to sexually exploited women and human trafficking, outreach in bars, administrative.

NEW! SPM Project– Bangkok – Minsitry to the second largest religious group in Thailand, teaching English, working in a cafe, developing relationships with students. Student must be 20 years old to apply.

Santisuk English School – Bangkok – Teaching English to College Students, evangelism, relationship building.nSPM Project

Dtonn Naam – Bangkok – Ministry to Gender Confused Men – Antique Coffee Shop, Barista, teaching
The Well – Bangkok- Ministry to Sexually Exploited Women.

Samaritan Creations – Bangkok- Ministry to Sexually Exploited Women
Breakthrough Thailand – Khon Kaen, Issan – Poverty Alleviation, Teaching English, Community development in the poorest area of Thailand – PLEASE NOTE: The potential intern must be very outgoing and willing to live a VERY basic lifestlye with Thai people. (ie sleeping on the floor, and bucket showers, no air conditioning)

Creative Life Foundation – Bangkok, Thailand – teaching refugee children, counselling, street outreach, business
At the Well Ministries – Kolkata – Ministry to drug addicted, street children and children’s home (connected to Jewels in a Crown) ONLY AVAILABLE DURING THE WINTER SESSION
Jewels in a Crown – Kolkata – Ministry to Sexually Exploited Women, Jewelry Business (connected to At the Well)ONLY AVAILABLE DURING THE WINTER SESSION
Hope for the Children – Chennai – Children’s Home
Church of the Living God – Chennai – Slum Ministry, Youth Ministry, Children’s Ministry, Church Ministry – Perfect for Bible College students or grads
Pentecostal Assemblies School – Bokaro – Teaching, Church Ministry, Bible College

Prem Sewa-Nagpur- Children’s Home with Frank Juelich. Teach English, Youth Program
Sari Bari – Kolkata, India – Business as Mission, ministry to women who are exploited, trafficked and at risk

Noah’s Ark – Banaue – Children’s Home – Children’s Ministry, Worship, Sports, Teach
Marilyn Curtis – Manila – Ministry in the slums (girl only) AVAILABLE ONLY IN THE WINTER SESSION

Sri Lanka
Destiny Sri Lanka Ministry – unavailable until further notice


4.  Internship

After you are accepted, ISM will provide you with a budget for the interning/serving session that is tailored to you. During the internship phase your budget will not exceed $1000 per month.

FEES 2014 – $899.00 Training Fees  Housing $450  Living Allowance $400 for the first month.

Information Regarding Charitable Receipting

The PAOC is able to issue charitable receipts for donations made by Canadian donors. In order to do this, you will need to set up an account with the PAOC. Further details are included in the Acceptance Package.

Information for Current College Students
If you are planning to complete your college internship through ISM, your college may keep all of your financial records, sending the appropriate fees to ISM. In this case, charitable receipts will be issued by your college, as applicable.

Information for Non-Canadians

We have a partnership with RPEC in America and all funds can be donated to RPEC and charitable receipts can be issued.  All other nations can raise funds and use the PAOC as a funding conduit (10% is deducted for admin) or you can send your training and housing fees only to us and self fund the rest of your budget.


If you have any questions regarding payment of fees/ housing they should be sent by email to adminism@impactasia.ca All other questions regarding school matters should be directed to infoism@impactasia.ca


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