Meet Chloe Bissett, coming to ISM SEA September, 2017, interning at Place of Grace

Chloe Bissett_8172

Chloe is a student from Northamptonshire, England. She comes from a small, close knit Christian family who enjoy spending time together and travelling. Having just left high school, Chloe is currently enjoying a gap year. After this year, Chloe plans to return to a university in the United Kingdom to study International Relations with a minor in International Development. After university, she prays that she will be blessed with a successful career working for an organization such as the United Nations.

Chloe will be interning for nine months with the Place of Grace Ministries. In this time, she will be working with vulnerable children and teenagers who come from the local Mahatthai slum communities, helping to provide the children with a safe space to learn and grow, showing them the love of God in a largely Buddhist country. As well as this, Chloe will be helping with the food bank that helps feed those in need in the local slum communities.

Prayer requests – Could people please pray for the safety and wellbeing of the children in the slum communities


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