Meet Alychia Corcoran, coming to ISM September 2017, Internship Lao Vida

Ministry location: Lao Vida, LaosCopy of IMG_2313

Ministry Focus: Alychia will be teaching English at Lao Vida, an evangelistic organization in Laos. Through her teaching she will have the opportunity to experience the local culture and community allowing her to expand her perspective. Alychia will be able to share the word of Christ and spread His love in her classes and beyond the walls of Lao Vida. As a gap year student Alychia will be interacting and sharing many meals with local vocational school students, thus expanding the opportunity to carry His presence. Alychia will also be a part of the local church and the youth group, and she will be blessed with seeing how believers practice their faith in Laos. With these incredible opportunities Alychia plans on fulfilling her and God’s desire to share His word and through various ministries, bringing more people to His Kingdom.

Ministry History: Alychia has been on a couple short term missions trips; one to El Salvador in 2014 and another in India in 2016. In El Salvador Alychia was 15 years old and hit several spiritual milestones there; opening her eyes to her throbbing heart for missions. El Salvador was full of lots of singing and dancing along with some playing for ministry, she also went door to door and prayed for people’s needs after giving them a hand with whatever within their home. On the last day in El Salvador Alychia made a commitment to God promising that she would serve Him by any costs in a large prayer between locals and other missionaries. Later on the chance to go to India was brought to her attention. With the love of missions deep in her heart she went to India but was seriously shaken there. The ministry in India was much more low-key than El Salvador. She helped with a feeding program and she also worked with women in sex trafficking. Alychia experienced the extremities of spirituality in India; affirming her desire to take herself and missions work a step further.


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