Kayleigh Boveri reflects on her internship – ISM 01.16

These past three months I witnessed the strongest forms of evil and greatest depths of brokenness, forcing me at times to face some of the deeply rooted pains that I often times shield my eyes from in my daily life. I walked through villages whose foundations were built upon the concept of women using their bodies to construct a better home for their families, and parents being proud of those very same homes. I looked into the faces of precious children who were a direct result of their birth parents sexual encounters, solely for the purpose of fleeting pleasures and monetary gain. I was stretched and challenged in ways I did not think possible, often times reflecting on the emptiness I had allowed to creep into my own life.


But in the midst of it all I also experienced the purest forms of love. I felt it when a guarded child reached out to hold my hand for the first time gazing up at me with eyes filled with acceptance, knowing that I had gained their trust. I felt it when an eager child, exploding with excitement, sprinted up to me, showing me the beautifully crafted artwork they had just created. I felt it when an enthusiastic child clung onto me, anxiously awaiting for me to tickle them into a giggling fit.

And while it is important to remember that evil is still very prominent, it is equally important to remember that God is at work in making everything beautiful again. It is through the support from my family, friends, and God, that I was able to leave Thailand with the fullest of hearts and greatest feeling of peace and that makes my soul more content than ever before.




Your thoughts?

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