Meet Elisha Crombie – ISM student January 2015 – internship – The Well

Hi my name is Elisha, I’m from Sydney Australia and I’ll be interning at ISM in January 2015!
I did not grow up in a Christian home and first met Jesus when I was 16 years old.  At this stage I was going through a dark time – so my friend asked me to come along with her to her youth group. It was here where I experienced a love that was so foreign to me, a love that was selfless, unwavering and undeserved. Through experiencing this love, I wanted to know its Creator. It was here I began my journey in my relationship with an incredibly loving God.
God has shown me that love saves and has given me a passion to love differently then the world; reaching and loving those, who are outcast, broken, lost, searching and hungry, just as he loves me.
God placed Thailand on my heart in 2009 after a beautiful moment where God showed me that Jesus was all I needed. On this occasion I sponsored a child from Thailand and knew one day I would end up there. Finally after years of dreaming, learning and growing, I am very excited to be heading to Thailand and to be serving at the Well in Bangkok.