Meet Laura VanWiltenburg coming to ISM January 2014 – internship – At the Well

My name is Laura and I’m interning through ISM in January 2015!


I grew up in North Vancouver, Canada and I didn’t grow up in a christian home. I first met God when I was 8 years old when I went to a summer camp that happened to be christian and met JC for the first time. I continued to attend the camp and learn about God throughout my childhood. As I got older became involved in their ministry and have been on staff the past few years.

Since September I have been doing an internship program with a christian-humanitarian organization in Hawaii and have been serving the community, receiving teachings, working with children, learning about missions, and much more. Being in Hawaii I’ve realized my passion for international missions and want to pursue it with impact school of missions. I’ll be going to Kolkata, India and serving At the Well’s ministry for 2 months. I’m eager to be pushed and stretched by God these next few months in Thailand and India and am stoked to be helping with children at At the Well in the new year!