If you want to change the world….

If you want to change the world….

10 Life Lessons from a Navy Seal.   Click the link!

Naval Admiral William H. McRaven returned to his alma mater last week and spoke to the graduates with lessons he learned from his basic SEAL training.

Here’s his Commencement Address at University of Texas at Austin 2014 from Business Insider.


Meet Sarah Colantonio – ISM Student January 2015 – internship – Noah’s Ark

My name is Sarah Colantonio and I will be interning through ISM as of January 2015! 


I grew up a pastor’s child in both Montreal and Toronto. As you can imagine my childhood was very cliché of this. Every Sunday morning service was an all day event, showing up early and sometimes staying late into the evening. Touched by an Angel was my show, that is when I wasn’t watching VeggieTales.

All jokes and stereotypes aside, I volunteered my time Sunday mornings in the nursery and Sunday school. From a young age I loved working with children and knew I wanted to pursue it in some capacity. This has always stayed with me, and when I entered high school I began to feel another tug on my heart. I became more aware of the pull the world had on me, and I began to gravitate towards missions. God placed a desire in me to travel and reach people in other countries.

When I finished high school I had nothing but a calling and a passion, arguably the most important things in life, but no outlet to feed them into. I decided to study Early Childhood Education in pursuit of my love of children.  Although I enjoy the program I was studying is something that gave me great joy, I didn’t feel fulfilled. I kept hearing God telling me he had something bigger for me, something international.

So here I am, writing to you before I go on a journey that I know will change my life completely. Words cannot fully express how excited I am for the opportunity to study missions at ISM and intern at Noah’s Ark in the Philippines. I had never known it was possible to fall in love with places I’ve not yet been to, but it has happened to me. It is a confirmation that God has so much ready for me to discover. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to further my relationship with Him as well as develop new ones with His children around the world. 

// “Whoever embraces one of these children as I do embraces me, and far more than me—God who sent me.” – Mark 9:36-37 (the MSG) //

Missions experiences are one hope for hemorrhaging faith

The statistics from the Hemorrhaging Faith Study from the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada are sobering. Click here for the full report.   The report reveals the following:


  •  * Only one in three Canadian young adults who attended church weekly as a child still do so today.

  • * Of the young adults who no longer attend church, half have also stopped identifying themselves with the Christian tradition in which they were raised.

  • * There are four primary toxins that keep young people from engaging with the church: Hypocrisy, judgement, exclusivity, failure.

However the report reveals some hope.  One specific stat stands out to us! 

71% of those still engaged said their faith came alive on a missions trip.

Simply serving in Jesus name impacts the people serving, always . . . and most importantly impacts the people being served. Hearts change. Lives change. Relationships with God change. Is there genuine, lasting value in youth and young adult missions experiences? Yes!  A missions internship is even more life changing than a two week missions trip.  And here’s why…

  • A missions experience encourages them to put feet to their faith over several months.
  • They gain a greater sense of value for every life, and sensitivity to how God can use them to touch others with His love.
  • Mission experiences take youth and young adults out of their comfort zones where masks drop, and hiding isn’t possible. This puts them in a place where they rely more directly on God.
  • They are put into situations that they’ve never had to deal with before and this results in deep soul searching and a greater awareness of things that need to still be surrendered to God.
  • They are given the opportunity to use their gifts and skills.
  • By experiencing different cultures, they become better-rounded and gain a greater appreciation for people that are different from themselves.
  • Serving a ministry over several months helps to establish a lifestyle of service that often carries into adulthood.
  • Many times, they experience a new hunger for God.
  • They learn to appreciate what it means to live in a nation with a Christian Heritage and how that impacts laws, value of life, work ethic and prosperity.

If you are directly involved with youth and young adults encourage them to check out Impact School of Missions.  It WILL change their life.  Our PAOC global workers and ministry partners want students to come and serve along side of them.  We at ISM are committed to investing in this generation!  Their age group, throughout history is responsible for some of the most innovative ideas, creativity and reformation.  This generation can accomplish the unprecedented. Together we can provide them with opportunities to use their life to impact the world and in turn their love for Jesus will deepen!

For youth and young adult leaders we can send you promo cards and feel free to link us to your website under Missions Opportunities! Please write us at infoism@impactasia.ca for more info.