New Partnership with ISM – Word of Life – India – is looking for interns.

We are pleased to announce another internship opportunity for ISM students!

Word of Life is looking for interns – check out the details below!  



Word of Life is a missional church intent on connecting people to Jesus and His church through our lives, our words, and our deeds.

We are One Church, all over the world engaging the culture around us; living in authentic relationships; empowering potential; driven by compassion, for all generations. We have one heart, one voice, one mission united in worship.

Intern Details

Word of Life ministry happens pretty much 24/7. However, interns will be provided with a suitable schedule once they arrive. Activities could include:

– church service participation on any teams the intern is gifted towards (music, kids, sound and media, ushering, hosting, etc)

– church admin tasks (planning, evaluating, managing things like the Facebook account) as per aptitude

– orphanage visits (teaching, engaging, sharing through direct classes, sports and games, music, events, etc.)- relational evangelism: the intern will meet many people from all walks of life; our intention is to guide and inspire people towards Christ through our personal contact 

Word of Life is also involved in planting several additional churches in other languages across south Asia, so there may be the opportunity to help in a number of ways here (as a participant or with admin/ communication).

Word of Life’s greatest need right now for short-term interns is for help with their family and children (eg. homeschooling), as that would free them to engage with the community and develop church leaders and relationships with more freedom and fewer time constraints. There is also a need for administrative help in the area of practical task management.

Word of Life’s reach is primarily to urban educated English speaking people. They have celebrities, sports professionals, students and families in their congregation. 

Heart beating faster?  Go to to apply!


Beautiful Bangkok! ISM’s top picks for things to do!

Fun things to do in Bangkok

During your month of training at ISM you will have the opportunity on weekends and during the week as part of our schedule to experience a few of the highlights in the amazing city of Bangkok.  Here are some of our favorite activities!


Ancient City (Muang Boran) This is on our ISM calendar!


This is a large, green park with smaller replicas of many of the monuments, etc., found throughout Thailand. There are Thai restaurants, a mini-market area, and souvenirs all set up in models of Thai villages. With the admission price, you get to use a bike that you can ride around to see and take pictures. You can also pay about $5 per hour to rent a golf cart, which makes the experience even more fun!

Dinner Cruise on the Chao Praya River

While you can find cheaper cruises, if you want a really peaceful and excellent dinner experience, we recommend Manohra Cruises. For approximately 1500THB, you get a lovely set Thai menu delivered restaurant style to your table on an old rice barge boat that holds a max of maybe 30 people.

• Flight of the Gibbons  

This is a zip line experience through the jungle. We’ve never been, but everyone we know who has gone, loved it!

• Floating Market


There are several, most of which cater to tourists. Some are just regular markets with a few vendors in boats, while others allow tourists the chance to get into boats themselves, which is worth the trouble getting there for the novelty. We have been to one called Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. Expect to barter for a boat and guide.

Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew – This is on our ISM Calendar


 The palace has been the official residence of the Kings of Siam (and later Thailand) since 1782. The king, his court and his royal government were based on the grounds of the palace until 1925. The present monarch, King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX), currently resides at Chitralada Palace, but the Grand Palace is still used for official events. Several royal ceremonies and state functions are held within the walls of the palace every year. You will learn so much about Thai culture and religion.

Wat Pho – This is on our ISM Calendar!


This is the Reclining Buddha. It is truly a sight to be seen – breathtakingly huge. It is near to the Grand Palace, so it is good to do both on the same day.

Jim Thompson House

Tour a “traditional” Thai house with some Western twists and learn about the man behind the flourishing silk industry in Thailand – and his mysterious disappearance! There are truly beautiful gardens and buildings here!

• Massages

Getting a massage is a popular tourist activity. However, you need to be very, very careful because many are covers for less-than- reputable activities. We recommend Baan Dalah Mind Body Spa, which is on Sukhumvit 8, right near the corner with the Indian restaurant. The price is fantastic, the atmosphere is lovely (many feel like cheap clinics – not this one!), and it is family-friendly. You can browse the menu on their website ahead of time.

Be aware that a traditional Thai massage includes stretches, cracking, etc. Some people love it, but other people actually hurt so much afterward that they are in pain for days. Just be aware, and don’t be afraid to ask them to go lighter and lighter. You can also get other types of massages.

River Taxi Ride o Take a River Taxi down the Chao Praya River in Bangkok! This is on our ISM Calendar!

 This is a great way to get to the Grand Palace area.

Silom Thai Cooking School  – an option on our ISM Calendar!


There are many Thai cooking schools in Bangkok, but this is the one we recommend. It is the cheapest, but also has a truly great and educational experience. For only 1000THB, you start at a market and learn about foods, then go back to the school to make five dishes that you also get to eat. You leave with a cookbook, too. Book ahead online.

Siam Niramit

This is a great stage show (every night) that is definitely worth your time!

You will see traditional Thai dancing, costumes and music used to show you stories that explain different elements of Thai culture, from history to religion to festivals. It is truly spectacular.


• Chatuchak Weekend Market o Also called “JJ Market,” Chatuchak is only open on Saturday and Sunday. It is a HUGE, fantastic weekend market with pretty much whatever you might need to find, as long as you’re willing to look for it. It may be better to go without an agenda and see what you find. You can buy a map to help you find your way! Bargain here.

• China Town – This is an outdoor market with lots of stalls crammed close together. It is definitely an experience! Sometimes you have to buy things in bulk. If you know where to look, you can find beautiful fabrics, delicious food, and lots of other stuff. Bargain here.

• MBK –  This big mall is like an indoor market. It is full of stalls with vendors. It is huge, but fun, and a lot cooler than the hot outdoor markets! Bargain in most places. There are some ‘proper’ stores here, too, where you usually don’t bargain.

• Panthip Plaza – This is a massive indoor market of just computer things. If you are “into” techie things, you may enjoy this.

Siam Paragon

This is the mall with all of the big designer expensive stores. It’s fun to window shop and has a massive food court on the basement level.

Terminal 21 –   It is designed to be like an airport, which is so cool! Also, each floor is decorated like a different city, including the bathrooms and the staff! More expensive stores are at entry level, and the higher you go, the more market-like it gets. Definitely worth visiting just to see how creative it is!

Mega Bangna- near ISM – beautiful new mall with a very western feel.

There are many, many other malls around town. These are just a few of the highlights!

Food – Restaurants – too many amazing restaurants to name them all!

• Akiyoshi o Japanese  just off BTS Phra Khanong (Sukhumvit Soi 67)

• Beirut – Lebanese food – Ploen Chit Plaza, Sukhumvit Soi 2 • Bourbon Street

Creole & Mexican – Tuesdaynight buffet o Sukhumvit Soi 63 aka Soi Ekkamai, near Soi 1

• Crepes and Co. o Lunch and Dessert Crepes o Sukhumvit Soi 55 Thonglor 8

• Flying Chicken –  If you order the flying chicken, a man on a unicycle will catch your dinner on his head on a plate as he flies through the air. Sometimes they do it with veggies, too, and catch it with a poker. Other than this feature, it’s a pretty average restaurant, but the flying thing makes it worth going! Near ISM

* Bangna Trat • Ma-Cool-Ya – Your table has a grill in the center and you cook anything you want from an unlimited selection of meat, vegetables, etc. You can even make your own ice cream at the end!

* At Seacon Square mall • Olivie’ Cafe  Dinner “buffet” where you can order as much food as you can eat off the menu- pizza, pasta, etc.

*  At Paradise Park and Terminal 21 malls • Royal Dragon Thai food is served to you by waiters on roller-skates. There is also a short cultural dance in the evening.

* Bangna Trat • Scoozis – Italian-stylepizza

• Starbucks – Starbucks are almost everywhere here. Almost every mall will have one, and several plazas do, as well.

• Sunrise Tacos –  Equivalent to Qdoba/Chipotle – Several locations downtown

Food – Delivery

• –  You can order from a variety of types of restaurants downtown. They will deliver it on a motorbike for about $2 delivery charge. Delivery depends on your distance from the restaurant and the traffic. They say it takes an hour, and on average, it usually does.

• McDonalds –  You can order drinks and ice-creams and everything! This is definitely

something you should do once, just to say you did!

• KFC • Pizza Hut • Pizza Company (Similar to Pizza Hut) • Swenson’s (Ice Cream)

Ready to rough it? New partnership with Breakthrough Thailand! Looking for interns

Breakthrough Thailand is looking for interns.

breakthroughAre you ready to live an authentic thai style life for  few months?  Interns for this ministry need to be willing to live with very little – no air conditioning, bucket showers, sleep on the floor and perhaps live with a Thai family.

Type of Ministry:      Teen Discipleship and Holistic Community Development

Khon Kaen, Thailand

Ministry Details

Purpose: Prevention of unsafe, uninformed migration (and sexual exploitation) via residential teen discipleship and holistic community development (education, economic innovation and strengthening family units)

Mission Statement: Through community-based efforts, Breakthrough Thailand seeks to restore and transform families, education systems and economic paradigms in Thailand’s rural Isaan communities.

The Breakthrough community does this through:

  • Investment in continued education and leadership training for at-risk teens and young adults
  • Modeling and teaching healthy relationships, parenting methods and family dynamics
  • Exploration of an “alternative economics” for Isaan families including sufficiency living, creative discovery, and innovative income generation

Ministry Opportunities

Due to the location and nature of Breakthrough ministry, interns would be invited to be on site (village-based) full-time with the ministry.  Beyond that, schedules vary greatly based on the personality and gift sets of the individual.  Due to the nature of “community living,” there is constant activity and opportunity for engagement in the lives of kids, teens and adults in the community.

  • Teaching English (residential teens, guest teaching at local primary/secondary schools, staff/young adults)
  • After-school activities – sports programs, tutoring, worship/activity nights
  • “Community activities” including farming (planting/harvesting rice, sugarcane, etc)
  • Economic development projects including weaving, metal-working, sewing, etc

Skills they prefer:

  • Specifically helpful skills:  Business savvy, counseling skills/resources, agricultural skills, plumbing/carpentry, design (sewing/jewelry), youth workers (i.e. YoungLife or other teaching/leading/mentoring experience), teachers
  • In general:  Gregarious personalities willing to be boldly interested in learning about culture, people, systems (economic, social, familial).  We are looking for internally motivated individuals with inquisitive spirits to learn about a complex set of challenges and help provide (and initiate) creative solutions.

Sound awesome?  Apply here!

Meet Sarah Waldrop coming to ISM January 2014 – internship – NightLight

Hi! My name is Sarah Waldrop and I’m a sophomore nursing major at Cedarville University in Ohio. 


Sarah Waldrop

I’m going to be interning at Nightlight in 2014 and I’ve never been more excited to see what Christ is going to do! I’ve moved around my whole life, so although I was born in America, I can’t say that I feel most comfortable there.  My family has moved around to Panama, Papua New Guinea, Mexico, and South Korea, and now my parents have just moved back to Mexico. 

I am definitely blessed to have been born into a loving, Christian home, going to church my entire life.  I accepted Christ as my savior at a very early age, but looking back, I realize that I didn’t truly have a personal relationship with Christ then.  But by His grace He continued to pursue me, and grabbed ahold of my heart when I was in 8th grade.  I moved to Seoul, South Korea, my sophomore year of high school, and junior year is when God really moved in my life.  I had to go back to America because of a serious illness, and being away from my friends and family for almost a three month period was agony.  But it was through that experience that Christ opened my heart and mind to His will, reminding me that He is always by my side, even through difficult times.  He reminded me that His plans are always better than my own and through His grace He will carry me through every trial and hardship.  It was during that time that Christ truly changed my life, I believe, and He has been leading me on an incredible path ever since!

In my senior year of high school, I went on a missions trip to Thailand with a small group of girls from my school, and we worked with Nightlight and other ministries that aid in bringing women out of prostitution.  It was a fantastic week, and I learned so much about what Christ is doing in Thailand through these ministries.  Christ placed these ministries on my heart, and last year, while I was at university, He made it so clear to me in so many ways that He wanted me to go back and work with Nightlight.  I almost thought it was crazy, I thought that I had my life planned out all the way through college.  I was going to get a nursing degree and then go into ministry, but God’s plans are always different than I expect and are always infinitely much better.  Through so many amazing ways He opened doors and now I’m really excited to see what He has planned in 2014.  I hope and pray that He will use me for His glory, to heal broken hearts and build relationships that point to Him alone!  


Since Christ has called me to Nightlight, He has really laid this passage on my heart:


“The Spirit of the LORD God is upon me, because the LORD has appointed me to bring good news to the poor; he has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to those who are bound;”

 – Isaiah 61:1         



Meet Kylie Hobern – coming to ISM September 2013 – Internship – The Well

Hi my name is Kylie Hobern and I am from Ruakaka, New Zealand. 



I have however spent the past 15 years living in London, UK.  I have two brothers, two gorgeous nieces and two amazing parents who are all here in the UK with me.

I grew up in a Christian family with my Mum and Dad both having missionary parents.  My Mum was born in Egypt and my Dad in the Solomon Islands.  Growing up my Grandfather used to always tell me stories about his time in the Middle East and God’s amazing supernatural provision for him and his family.  I therefore grew up with both a desire to travel the world and to serve others.

My desire to serve others lead me into a career as a nurse and I have been blessed for many years to work as a nurse in the field of sexual health.  This experience has given me the opportunity to work with victims of sexual assault and also work alongside commercial sex workers both in the clinic setting and in the community in the brothels of London.  As a part of Hillsong Church we support the A21 campaign against human trafficking which has really educated me on the sex industry in a global context.

Six months ago a friend of mine told me that I needed to watch a documentary called ‘Furious Love’.  When watching the section on the Nightlight I felt so touched and challenged by what I saw I jumped straight on the internet to research the programme.

To serve those in the sex industry has been a desire in my heart for a long time and I am honoured to be able to intern with The Well whilst in Thailand.    I pray that this experience will stretch me and grow me but above all else I pray that this is just the beginning of the journey.  I thank God for this amazing opportunity and look forward to sharing it with you all!

God Bless