No Dead Today – God for you!

ISM student’s bringing heaven to earth!

After ISM one afternoon, us three girls went to hail a cab to get home. We climbed in and began our journey home. As usual, we asked our cabbie, “English mai? (do you speak English?)” He said a little bit, so we all laughed and said “little bit of Thai.” We were chatting amongĀ ourselves, and then we asked how long he had been driving a taxi. Suddenly, a look of anguish covered his face and he began pouring out his heart to us. In broken English, he said things like “I have no friends, no family” “hospital today, I dead today”, all while driving down the road. We all looked at each other panicking and shook our heads exclaiming “Not dead today!! Not dead today! No no!” He kept repeating himself and was welling up in tears. We didn’t know what to do, so we said “We pray PRAJOW (God in Thai) for you” and folded our hands. He nodded eagerly as he continued driving. For the remainder of the trip, we scrambled to recall and write down the name of the church we have been attending and the information for the service. When we pulled over, he immediately bowed his head, folded his hands, and continued to cry. We prayed for him, that Jesus would heal him and restore him, that Jesus would give him His joy, and that He would take his burden. The look of complete peace on his face was indescribable. After we said amen, he thanked us, and we gave him the information for our church. He was confused, but we pointed in the direction and he understood. Thai people do not often show emotion to others, especially not men, and especially around foreign women. For him to have broken down to us must’ve meant he was in a very dark place. Please keep this man in your prayers.

Kelly, Tanya and Bethany