Say WHAT about ISM?


Julie Gosen 09.14

ISM has impacted me a lot this past month, a lot more than I ever anticipated. The classes, the teachers, the trips, even the dinners, were so informative and thought provoking. Lessons on culture shock, spiritual warfare, self reflection and everything in between. I got to wake up every single morning being excited for the day and encouraged by the teachers, and my fellow interns, that God is there beside me every step of the way. Through the classes, I got to have a deeper understanding of God and how to really hear Him which pushed me to work on my personal relationship with Him even more. Having prayer and worship every morning was another huge thing for me, pushing me to a more godly life, and enjoying every minute of it. Through ISM, God has taught me more about myself, His plans for me, how He created me, humility, understanding, compassion, healthy relationships and more. There’s so much more I could say but we’ll leave it with this, it’s clear what God is doing through ISM and I’m glad I get to be a part of it.


Jannelle Dyck 09.14

My experience with ISM has been transformational! The teaching is sound and incredibly practical, the environment for learning (Bangkok!) is amazing, and the staff and speakers are all incredible! In this setting I have experienced God in a whole new way. My faith has deepened and I have a renewed desire for the Holy Spirit to saturate every aspect of my life! I feel equipped not only for ministry but better equipped for life in general. To put it simply, these past four weeks with ISM have been life-changing!.

Sarah Ricker 09.14

I came to ISM expecting to learn a lot. However, not only have I been exposed to ideas and harsh realities in the world that I had no concept of before, but I have been made more aware of God’s love and heart for people than I have ever experienced in my life thus far. Jesus said himself, “the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into the harvest field.” (Matthew 9: 37). I plan to live my life as a full time missionary, my time at ISM has confirmed that call on my life. But what stuck out to me the most was the huge need in the world for God’s love to be made known to all people. If a young person reading this is debating whether or not to go to ISM, and they feel God tugging on their heart, or speaking in that still small voice, then it may be time for them to step out in faith. Much like Peter stepped out of the boat and walked on water. God created us to do so much more than just sit in a boat, but we will only experience that if we step out in faith. And God is always faithful, even if we start to drown, he will always be there to pull us up.

Abby Zantingh 09.14

One month at Impact school of Missions is almost up, and to describe the way God has moved is like asking me to write out in tongues! From eating at the most fantastic Lebanese restaurants God ever created to worshipping God, He is Lord of it all. Prison ministry and children’s ministry are a few ways in which we realize God’s heart and serve Him through compassionate hearts, and classes that do not shy away from God, His word and His truth cause you to think and truly seek God. His face shines while you focus on Him for a month, and being surrounded by people who love Christ is a sure way to spark your flame! From riding with awesome taxi drivers to praying in tears over one another, God is waiting, He is ready, and He wants to bring revival! He loves ISM and is truly working through this school to IMPACT His children for His kingdom! I thank God for the blessing of being here Sept 2014, an experience God used to shape, equip and grow me, and I pray will always continue to do so for His sons and daughters!


Amanda Riebersal 09.14

I have been attending Impact School of Missions for the past four weeks and I have learned so much. At first, I was reclutant to sign up for the school because I wanted to serve and intern right away. I did not think it was necessary to come to this school; however, I am glad the Lord told me repeatedly to come. I have recieved valuable training, instruction, and experience. The Lord has used this school to equip me properly so that I will be able to effectively serve not only in my upcoming internship but for the rest of my life.


Bonny Tam – 01.14

I  am very impressed by the excellence that Jessica and Sandra serve with. Before I arrived at Bangkok. I’ve learnt that, serving with excellence (and perseverance to be consistent with it) does bring glory to God! Hallelujah!I am on a journey of discovering how God is shaping my personality and character. God has been transforming me gradually throughout the past 4 years. This training phase has really allowed me to consolidate and articulate what God is doing in me internally. I have never seen myself as quiet as I currently am, therefore I’m also learning to accept and embrace this ‘new quiet self’. In my first week here, God spoke clearly that I have to be self-controlled, disciplined, and be still.  And He has been continuing this message (e.g. “be quiet, and I will speak”). Starting from the first few days, I knew that God wanted to train me spiritually in these areas. I therefore decided to discipline myself with the use of social media, in these 7 months. The interesting thing is, this quietness comes very naturally. I am not even struggling or striving to be quiet – the Holy Spirit has been helping me. And although it’s been too short a time to say that I am now able to listen to God significantly better than before, one thing I’m sure is that in general, my heart is more at peace and my attention is more focused. I’m very thankful for the personality session we had – it surprised me in a good way. Praise the Lord!


Sarah Hayton – 01.14

I can honestly say that I have met the most amazing people here. ISM has shown me all the wonderful works that go on here. How God is moving in this nation.
It hard to look back over the whole 4 weeks as we have done so much and this week has really being impacting, learning about ladyboys and their stories.
So week 1 culture shock, I think the most impacting was seeing first hand people bowing down to idols. It honestly felt so strange, it’s a statue… I felt like I was looking back into the Old Testament times. Though you prepare yourself I don’t think it really sinks in until you see it, that they actually bow and pray to statues.
I really loved visiting and helping with Nightlight cell group, being in that atmosphere really brought forth the joy the girls have and many of the ladies passion and love for Jesus when singing. I love seeing the way different cultures worship God. The do’s and don’ts in Thai culture I know too really helped, and even though things were repeated it really helped to make sure your aware and remember.
Week 2
I love going over God’s character I think it is so important to go over his character often so we don’t forget the God we serve. So we remember who we are worshiping… I learn something/ or take away something every time I look at God’s character. I have to mention Marilyn her testimony really spoke to me, I really helped me to look at how far God brings us.  Walking in the anointing of God really hit home, I have worried in the last “how do I know if I am no longer in God’s anointing?” And have worried if my will has become bigger than God’s in my life. I have always looked at Saul and how he didn’t know that he was out of God’s anointing and that has always made me worry a little. It brought home how much I need to walk closely with God in every step I take, and to become more humble.
Week 3
I think the main thing that stood out for me this week was the prison ministry, how could it not. I honestly felt guilty in how much I take for granted, and made me feel so privileged to live the life that I do. To see how strong they are and their dependence on God. I also loved the dreaming with God session… I really enjoyed.
Week 4
This week! Erm all of it… It hit home again why I am here, the stirring up and passion.. It broke some of walls down in ways to love, especially the men. How God loves everyone…. All fall from grace. I think the prayer walk really impacted me, praying as I walked down a road I started praying for the people I saw. I am so excited to see the impact Citylight coffee house will have.

Amanda Campbell

Amanda Campbell

Amanda Campbell 01.14

ISM was the open door that I’ve been searching for. I knew I wanted to help people, especially people involved in trafficking. But I didn’t know where to start. This opportunity is going to be a big step into my destiny. God has already been refining me and now I feel ready to step into my calling. I needed healing and a change of heart for people. I wanted to see people the way Jesus does and now I feel like I better can for the first time. It’s changed my life, I felt dead inside these last few years. I never questioned God’s goodness through all the heartache and pain. I gave up a lot of why questions and just accepted it’s His plan, we’re in a fallen world, I only see a blink of it. I knew I ended something to get me out of myself and my sad little world of heartache I let build up. I feel like I made it through and this experience brought me back to life again. So thank you for listening to God’s call. Because it’s touched me and I know will touch so many more for generations to come. This is just the beginning of a new adventure.


 Tristen Banales 01.14

Impact School of Missions has given me new lenses to see through. My mind and heart have been opened to the culture and people of Thailand.  ISM has given us knowledge about the physical, emotional and spiritual aspect of this nation. I feel confident going out into the internship where I can live independently and really enjoy serving in a ministry with great confidence. I have not only gained knowledge about Thailand, the people and culture but also who God is to me and who God is inside of me. They have taught us how to walk in humility, respect and honor despite the cultural differences, language barrier, and ways of life. Impact School of Missions has truly lived up to their name. They have impacted me but also empowered me to impact others. I am so honored to be a part of this program. Thank you Sandra and Jessica!


Mariana Feniman

ISM has opened my eyes to understand what it’s like to be a missionary in SEA in the 21st century. All the speakers were very honest about the joys and challenges they face. Missionary life doesn’t look so distant anymore.  Also, I felt very encouraged to pursue dreams and passions that God has put in my heart. Everyday I felt valued and loved, being surrounded by people that believe that God has great plans for my life. It helped me understand better who I am in Christ and the ways he wants to reveals himself to me and use me for his purposes.


  • Nicki Butler -01.14
  • – discovered more about myself, and especially about how being an MK has impacted who I am
  • – reinforced my desire to go to Bible College
  • – made me fall in love with missions and Asia all over again
  • cultivated a desire to learn guitar for worship
  • clarified doctrinal/theological questions about the Holy Spirit
  • renewed my love for Jesus and reminded me how important it is to spend time with Him each day
  • helped me realize strongholds and lies


Sarah Waldrop 01.14

I feel that I have grown so much even throughout these past few weeks.  Christ has stretched me, made me think outside my comfort zone, brought me to my knees, and taught me how to love others as He has loved me.  I think that’s one of the main ways in which ISM has impacted me.  It has shown me what it means to love others as Christ has loved me.  I have come to understand more fully of what Christ’s love means.  I always knew He loves me, but I think because I haven’t liked myself, it was hard to see how he actually loved loved me.  But he does.  He loves loves me.  And it’s because of that that I can more fully love others.  Also, ISM has taught me to trust in Christ more fully, give myself more completely to Him with each passing day.  Christ knows my deepest desires, he knows my deepest longings and thoughts, and he wants to see me use them and myself to bring Him glory.  I think that’s awesome!  I want to love more and more and be used by God more and more!  That’s how ISM has impacted me.  It’s really beautiful, really.

Emily Bustard  09.13

I have loved how they have laid a very strong Biblical foundation in all they teach with the continuous Scriptures but simultaneously accompanied that with such amazing stories giving practical applications to what we are learning. It has made everything so relevant and the teaching so effective. It has been an unreal month and I am just so blessed to have been able to soak it all in.


Julia Eger 09.13


ISM opened my eyes to a lot of things I never gave much thought to and shined a light on areas in my own life that needed to be dealt with. I don’t feel like I’m just blindly jumping into an internship now, but I feel like I’m equipped, informed, and ready to serve the area where God has called me.


Monique Beuglet 09. 13


ISM acted as the stepping stone to the next phase of my journey here in Bangkok. I can’t imagine what it would have been like to step off the plane and be dropped in an internship without any training or experience already living within the culture. Not only did ISM teach me about how to minister in Thailand, but I was encouraged to grow deeper in my walk with God. The biblical root behind all of our classes was amazing, and what we were taught was so relevant to not only our internship experiences but to our lives back home.


Emily Snow 09.13


ISM provided me with rich background knowledge on how to live and work in a culture different from my own. God used my time in training to open my eyes to the enormity of God’s never ending, sustaining, all-powerful grace. Every person is a broken sinner, and our God has the power to cover every single one of us with His grace. How Great is our God? Seriously.






Kylie Hobern 09.13


ISM helped me to understand more about the Holy Spirit and provided the opportunity for me to be filled with the Holy Spirit.  I know that this is going to truly impact me in all areas of my life and I am so excited about it


Sabrina Shaheen09.13


Before coming to ISM, I knew I had a heart for missions overseas, but to be honest, I thought being a true missionary meant living with a tribe in the mountains and taking on a new citizenship. Although that can be a beautiful thing, God has been changing my perspective to see that missions is imperfect people walking alongside imperfect people and pointing them to a perfect God.


Sarah Hanson 09.13


I think one of the things I love most about ISM is the fact it is a continual, supporting, Spirit-led, atmosphere. The whole program is for God to equip us to serve Him better. Being here allowed me to learn how to live in a different culture, as well as to learn different cultural tendencies that I wouldn’t have otherwise picked up on. I have really felt God moving in my life and it’s been beautiful.


Hartley Hutchinson 09.13


I didn’t think it could be possible for me to be stretched so much in a single month. Boy, was I mistaken. I feel like I’m leaving Bangkok a whole new person. Not a different person, a new person. I’m still myself in every way, but I’m a Hartley with a deeper cross-cultural knowledge and a stronger faith in Christ.


Lauren Grams  09.13


ISM has been the catalyst through which Jesus has continued to reveal his heart to me. He has taught me about his faithfulness, his nearness, and his unrelenting affections for us despite the initially overwhelming darkness and despair we are faced with. Again and again he has surprised me with his permeating Presence and gracious compassion in the least likely of places. It has been an honor to partner with his heart.


Sandra Wiebe 09.13


When I applied to ISM, I knew I would never be the same but I didn’t realize how much God was going to transform me. God has been changing my perspective and my heart because of the classes and the ministries we get to be a part of, and I have learned something valuable: God is everywhere. ISM teaches the facts but even more importantly the importance of being near to God, and I’m so thankful to have had this experience.



Tim Wharton 01.13

Attending Impact School of Missions was a great experience where I learned more than I ever expected to. I went in with the mindset that it would prepare me for my up coming internship which it did but in a more impact full way it opened me up to the world of missions as a whole. I learned a lot about what missions means, what opportunities and type of missions work are out there and what some of the needs are. I was challenged to think about if the missions life was for me and how missions fit into God’s plan for my life. This is definitely a great place if you think missions is for you or might be for you. I was also challenged to look closer at what my faith meant to me and saw growth in myself as the month progressed. For two and a half months I interned at Abundant Love in Ban Mai Sawan, Thailand. Working at the children’s home was a great opportunity, spending time with the children was great, along with building great relationships with the staff. The language barrier has been an interesting challenge but has also made for great fun. Even with the language barrier you can still be a great help and blessing to those around you; it just might not be how you expect it. My experiences at ISM and Ban Mai Sawan are something I will never forget and have changed my life forever.


Chris Lowe 01.13

I came to ISM in hope of getting a better understanding of what missions will look like in my future. I came knowing fully that I am going to be entering long term missions work at some point in my future. I came to ISM as part of education at Vanguard College. That hope that I had to better identify my role in missions was met with an answer. The teaching and relationship model that I worked with at The Centre in Chiang Mai, Thailand, matches with my missionolgy in every way. Also I have learned a lot about my self and my passion for this lost world has grown a great amount. I will leave Thailand with my questions answered and a better understanding of myself, mission, and of God.


Kelly Braun 01.13

I never could’ve imagined that God would do so much in my life through one step of faith. ISM has turned my world upside down. I am so grateful for everything this program is. Every challenge, every new experience, every adventure, has caused me to grow into a very different person than I was when I first stepped on that plane. I am thankful to have had an a experience that is more authentic to missionary life, and I praise God for every difficult and stretching situation He put me into. His kindness is HUGE- He is shown me how He loves the unlovable, wants to give us the smallest desires of our hearts, and more than ever, how HE is the answer to every hurt in this world. ISM provided me with such valuable training for the missions world and for entering a different culture. My internship placement was so perfect for me, and is now a place I can call a second home. Praise God for all that He has done in me, and through me. He is amazing. “I bless the holy name of God with all my heart. Yes, I will bless the Lord and not forget the glorious things He does for me.” Psalm 103:1-2

Bethany Nickel 01.13

My experience at ISM has been nothing short of phenomenal. It’s brought me a whole new perspective on missions; long and short term. The classes provided me with so much great information that has not only been so helpful throughout my internship, but is also something that I can take home with me and apply to my every day life. These few months have stretched me in the craziest ways and has forced me to grow immensely in my relationship with our creator. Go ISM! Whoo-hoo


Tanya Land 01.13

I wish the English language had words to describe the greatness of Impact School of Missions. It is so obvious that Sandra McIntosh and the ISM staff are continuously listening to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. The staff at ISM are empowering, inspirational, and full of wisdom. Everything I learnt in class at ISM helped me excel in my internship and thereby equipping me for a life of ministry and faithfulness to Christ. The 4-weeks went by so fast, during which I made lasting Christ-centred friendships. Impact School of Missions is life-changing and I STRONGLY encourage students to ‘GO’!

Maria Gambone De Jesus 09.12

The last seven months were beyond description challenging. But looking back, I am so thankful for the time ISM took to prepare me before my internship began. The things I learned there and the mentorship I received were absolutely key to my success in my position at NightLight. ISM multiplied my growth in maturity of faith and character during that time. The growth in knowledge, character and faith I gained from my time at ISM has impacted my actions and thoughts in daily life, and the way I look at my life and purpose. I find myself applying the one month of ISM classes into my daily life more than I do even my four years of classes at university.


Laura Fess 09.12

Words cannot express what ISM means to me! I came to ISM in a time of transition, lacking sense of direction, who I was, what my call in life was. So I guess in a sense I came searching, but knowing the Lord had something special for me. I came to ISM wanting the Lord to totally transform my world. He did just that and more! God did a lot of healing and restoration in my life. He realigned my focus, and re confirmed my call to ministry. He also continued to nurture maturity in me. There was a maturity that needed to grow and develop, so that He can use me in the plans that He has for my life. This entire journey was totally ordained by God, to Him be the glory!


Emmy Daugherty 09.12

Impact School of Missions has been a life-changing experience for me. I have learned so much about myself and about God throughout my time in Southeast Asia. God has shown me some pretty incredible things and done some great works in my life. I received great teaching and support from the staff at ISM along with many ministry opportunities during the month in Bangkok. After the training I had the opportunity to intern at Noah’s Ark children’s home in the Philippines. I completely fell in love with the place and the kids there. My time in the ISM program is something that I will never forget and I hope to carry everything that I have learned and experienced back to Canada and continue to live my life for Christ.

Taylor Collado 09.12

I can’t begin to explain how incredible the experience was that Impact School of Missions gave me over the past 3 months. The one month of in-class sessions at the school provided me with training that I applied daily while interning. The staff were so helpful in preparing us for our intern positions and they really believed in us. I’m sure I speak for all of the students when I say the staff were a huge blessing to us.

I’ve grown so much in my spiritual life and relationship with God over the past 3 months. Attending ISM was a life-changing experience for me, and I’m so glad I had this opportunity. Thanks, ISM, for an awesome 3 months! You made a huge impact on my life and will have the same in so many others.

Bethany Somerville 09.12

Over the past three months, I have learned a lot about myself, ministry, missions, the power of the Holy Spirit, God’s unfailing love, human trafficking and exploitation and God’s amazing grace, among many other things! Starting with my first month at ISM, I can’t even begin to explain fully just how much the classes and the ISM leaders especially have impacted me. It was through ISM that my relationship with the Lord grew drastically and my call to ministry with pre-teen and teen girls was confirmed. My last two months have been spent interning at NightLight, which is a jewelry business, also working as a non-profit organization, that offers holistic employment and intervention to exploited women and children. Between ISM and my time at NightLight, I have learned and experienced just how extravagant Christ’s love really is for His children, no matter what any of us do, His love covers all! Though I have always known this, I didn’t fully understand the extravagance of His love until I was introduced to the harsh realities of this world, for instance the sex industry. Secondly, I have learned what it means to literally just be God’s hands and feet, especially with the language barrier and going on outreach each week with NightLight. Though I may not have always had the chance to talk with someone, I was able to be a light for Him in a dark place by praying for transformation of the bars and claiming salvation over the many men and women in Jesus name that I saw there! These last few months in Thailand will be something that I will carry with me for the rest of my life as I have learned, grown and experienced much and have met many incredible people, my life has been drastically impacted!

Psalm 36:5-7

“Your unfailing love, O Lord, is as vast as the heavens; your faithfulness reaches beyond the clouds. Your righteousness is like the mighty mountains, your justice like the ocean depths. You care for people and animals alike, O Lord. How precious is your unfailing love, O God! All humanity finds shelter in the almighty

Heidi Garrell 09.12

Coming to ISM has been one of the most stretching experiences of my life. A few of the challenges are being in an unfamiliar environment with people that you don’t necessarily know and trying to get acclimated as quickly as possible. However, the culture classes at ISM helped with that and I learned to be open to God and whatever way He wanted to work in me, even if it is not what I had been used to in the past. The mission field is like a steam cooker. The best and the worst come out when you are under pressure.  I would recommend ISM to anyone who is willing and open to have God grow them exponentially in their relationship with Him and with others. If you are willing, He will open your eyes a bit further into what He sees. ISM ROCKS!



Advice from interns who have been there, done that.

We asked our interns if they had any advice for the next group of students coming to ISM and interning in SEA – this is what they said:

from Taylor – interned at the Church of the Living God – India

1.Ask your hosts what their vision is  for their ministry,  buy in,  get up to speed as soon as possible and support it with all you’ve got.

2.  Don’t let what you see cripple you.

3.  Be compassionate.

4.  Be ready for a busy schedule.

5. Be ready for anything at any time. (speaking, preaching, praying, travelling)


from Emmy – Interned at Noah’s Ark – Philippines

1.  Be ready to be stretched.

2.  Be flexible and open minded.

3.  It may take a while to get up to speed in your internship – be patient.

4.  Don’t expect things to work like they do in North America – sometimes the internet, shower and electricity may be out.

from Laura – interned at Noah’s Ark – Philippines

1.  Jump in immediately – don’t be apprehensive.

2.  Be a self starter.

3.  Go the extra mile to build relationships.  – do a movie night in,  have juice and cookies, pop corn.  It will cause the barriers to disappear quickly.

from Maria – interning at NightLight – Thailand (6 months)

1. Don’t be prideful – everyone has their own stuff to deal with.

2. Your assumptions about trafficking and tackling problems are probably  incorrect.  The  issues are complex and multi layered.

 from Bethany – interned at NightLight – Thailand

1. When internship doesn’t look like what you expected, be open to God teaching you something and don’t fight it.

2.  There may be a big language barrier so don’t expect to be ministering the same way you did in North America.

from Heidi – interned at NightLight – Thailand

1. Everyone likes the idea of serving until they actually have to serve.  Serving may not look like what you expected.

2.  Get ready to learn lessons that may have taken you years to learn if you hadn’t had this experience.


Excited for January 2013! – Jessica Pellowe

Well, here we are! The beginning of December… This month will see most of our September students returning home, our January students completing the final stages of preparation to come, and ISM staff thoroughly enjoying the whole process!

It’s hard to believe the first class is already finishing up their internship. I remember the weekend they all arrived, standing at Meeting Point at the airport, hoping I would recognise our students in real life from the photos we’d received, and wondering what the following month would have in store… We had everything planned out nicely on paper, but once you start adding ‘little’ things to plans like, say, people or real life, anything can happen!



In reflecting on this first term, both the in-class training and the internship time, one thing that really stands out is how incredibly open and embracing our students have been. They each truly have a desire to grow and learn and stretch themselves. They have thrown themselves into this experience wholeheartedly, and it has been an honour to see them grow in understanding and confidence as a result.

It is my prayer that as these students return home to their families, friends, and “normal” life situations, they will not return to who they were before they came, but will cling to what God has done and wants to continue doing in them. I pray that regardless of where they end up living and working, their relationship with God and their posture of humble service will be not only maintained, but continually fostered and nurtured.

Looking forward to January, we have another great group of young people getting ready to come, learn, and serve. I am excited to not only see the growth and changes in their lives, but to see how their personalities, thoughts and experiences contribute to making this term at ISM unique and meaningful. I know God planned for this group of students to come together at this time for a reason, and can’t wait to see what He has in store for us in 2013!

 Jessica Pellowe