I’m not the same person I was 3 months ago. Now what?

Five of our ISM students have only one or two weeks left in their internship.  Weekly I have connected with them via skype to listen, discuss challenges, talk about how amazing God is and pray together.   It’s been beautiful to hear what God has done in and through their lives.  We have witnessed confirmation of callings, healing of hearts, confidence regained, clarity about the future, a greater understanding of missions life and the tug of the Holy Spirit towards giving their entire lives to serve lost people, maybe even in a foreign land.    Most interns feel like their lives have been transformed and are returning home with a new sense of confidence and purpose and a greater love for the Lord.


Everyone wants to live out what Jesus has done when they return to North America!   But how on earth can we do that with our old friends, in our church, college and neighbourhood?  The Holy Spirit has done His part, now it’s your turn!

We have to choose to walk in transformation by:

1.   Pray, read the Word, serve, give and love.    There is no trick to intimacy with Jesus, this is the only way to know Him well.

2.   Transformation is unrelated to geography or position.  Jesus is in North America too!

3.  There are hurting, broken people everywhere.  Find them and love them.

4.  Quickly after returning serve in your local church!  Youth ministry, children’s ministry, music, drama, greeting, ushering, ANYTHING.  God can use you at home as well and more than He did overseas.

5.  Recognize that you were transformed for today and tomorrow, not just for the internship.  “He who began a good work in you is FAITHFUL to complete it.”  This is only the BEGINNING!

6.  Use your money and time for God’s Kingdom.

7.  Live in a place of repentance.

8.  Surround yourself with people of like mind and experience.  Your inner circle should be full of life givers!

9.  When life gets rough, remember what God has done, remember what God has said, remember the Truth and move forward.

10.  Make missions a part of your daily life.   Support a PAOC Global Worker, sponsor a child through CCP, raise awareness – pray , give or go!


“I’ve fallen in love with this place” – Emmy Daugherty reflects on internship in the Philippines

The last month has been an awesome time of growing in my relationship with God. I am really trying to focus on trusting and just letting go. It has been really awesome to see God working in my life.


I can notice differences and I’m really happy about that. I think God has shown me what He wants me to do after I am done here. I really feel like I need to go to school, and I feel like I need to take a nursing course. Nursing has always been something in the back of my mind of what I want to do. I am still praying about it, but little things God has shown me lead to believe that I need to think about that as my next step. I am still learning a lot about myself and God. As of now I am just so thankful for how far I have come since stepping on that plane in Calgary. Its amazing to me how much God has done in the past two months. I really just look forward to whats next.

Living in the Philippines has been such a crazy experience. I can honestly say as of right now that I have fallen in love with this place. If someone would have told me that in the first week of me being here I would not believe them. It takes time to adjust, and I’m sure that living here permanently would be more of a challenge. But as of right now I am really happy being here. I can’t exactly pin point the easiest thing about being here… It is just good. For the most part it is just a great place. The hardest thing about being here is that I don’t know the language, so when the kids start speaking a different language around me it can be a little unsettling now knowing what they are talking about. It’s a minor thing, but sometimes you can’t help but wonder what is going on. Here at church, they really like testimony time. People get up and share and go on and on… well they like it when the white people get up and speak, it is a personal struggle, which I am working through and it has been great, but it’s pretty foreign to me. I’m sure there are other hard parts about living here but I can’t recall them at the moment. For the most part the experience has been great, and I am so thankful that I have this opportunity to grow and learn.