Thanks to a team of students from Tyndale, ISM GOT A MAKEOVER!  We can’t wait for the students to arrive September 10, 2012.


ISM’s top 10 Prayer Needs!

  1. The Holy Spirit would draw students to ISM.
  2. Students would be radically transformed and challenged as they learn and serve supernaturally.
  3. Students would be an amazing blessing to the ministries they serve.
  4. Students would be an amazing blessing to nationals.
  5. Many students would come back as long term, sold out, creative & visionary missionaries.
  6. Those who return to Canada would be crazy with generosity in their living & giving.
  7. We would be a blessing to the Thai Bible College students and inspire them to become even more missions minded.
  8. The staff at ISM, Peter & Sandra McIntosh, Jessica Pellowe, Joel and Avin Reimer for Holy Spirit’s leadership as they prepare and invest in the next generation.
  9. A release of funds for continued support of  ISM.
  10. We need Canadian reps for the school in BC, Ontario, East Coast.  Please write for info.