10 Reasons WHY we are opening a School of Missions.

1. Less than 1% of people are Christians in many nations in South East Asia.
2. People need to be loved – all over the world.
3. Students need to be mobilized and inspired to leave their home nations for now and forever.
4. There is often a gap between the desire to GO and actually GOING. The gap just got smaller.
5. Students want to serve with excellence. We are committed to provide hands on training by experienced Global Workers.
6. If students experience actual missions living (not a short trip) they should live, serve and love differently in their home nation for a lifetime.
7. Young Adults have a passion for social justice. We believe if we train them to bring change, with the power of Holy Spirit, we will have an unstoppable force in the world – Change can happen.
8. Many ministries want trained volunteers to come and serve.
9. More college/university programs require an internship abroad and students often don’t know where to begin.
10. We love young adults – Jesus said “Go” – it’s their turn.


Is 2012 your year to GO?

Every new year we start with a fresh determination to do something significant with our lives. We plan, resolve and pray that old habits won’t come back to plague our good intentions. This year is a perfect opportunity to get your life on track with your dreams. I meet loads of young adults who want to do something significant with their lives but often don’t know how to.  Many have dreams of serving the poor and hurting in other nations, rescuing victims of Human Trafficking, and others are still wondering what on earth they are supposed to do with their lives.  For those who are dreaming I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone (believe me I know how easy it is to stay there) because dreams stay dreams unless you plan, make changes and then take that first gigantic step out of that familiar, comfortable place. That first step can be terrifying, but once you give yourself a kick and JUMP, you will begin to live out what you have been laying awake thinking about at night.  Why wait another year?

I’ve met a lot of people, that say, “if only I had….”   Life is far too short to have that kind of regret.  Go for it this year.  Determine in  2012 to get alone with God and ask Him to give you a hunger that consumes you for His presence and Word.  When you hunger after Him all your fears begin to melt and you no longer live a life of wishing, but you begin to life a life of doing.  In the process of discovering Jesus, you discover yourself.  For those who still don’t know what their purpose is, this is also the first step for you.  God loves you and WANTS you to know His plan for you. Knowing His plan for your life is linked to intimacy with Jesus. The key is asking Him, listening and obeying.  As you grow in your love for Jesus you will begin to see life in a whole new way.  Every day will become an adventure in partnership with the Holy Spirit.  In fact life becomes supernatural! You will begin to hear Him speak (yes He still does) and you will live less and less depending on yourself and more time allowing His incredible beauty, love and power flow through you.  You are still you, just way better!

What should you do if you don’t have a dream?

1.  Turn of the computer, TV and phone a little more often and sit alone and talk to God.  He loves to share all the creativity of Heaven with those He loves. We all know that the beep of push notifications can distract us from even a few minutes of talking to God.

2.  Let the Holy Spirit through the Word and fellow dreamers speak life into yours.

3.  Volunteer and serve your local church.  If you don’t have one you really need to find one.  Life in community is God’s design.

4.  Start stepping out of your comfort zone by giving, loving and serving the poor, broken and lonely right where you live. You don’t need to wait to serve in a more glamorous setting.

5.  Surround yourself with people who will cheer you on!

2012 could be your year to start living out your dreams.  What are you waiting for?  www.ismsea.com

Hope to see you on this side of the world!

Sandra McIntosh